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Empowering Beliefs
Beliefs, ideas that we think are true, strongly influence what we do, because they live in our hearts as well as our heads. The Empowering Beliefs Tool teaches you that you're more likely to succeed if you believe.

• That your weight goal is desirable and worth it.

• That you're capable of achieving your goal.

• That you deserve to achieve your goal.

Checking Beliefs
Our beliefs need to be in line with our Winning Outcome, and vice versa. View or create your Winning Outcome. Print it out so you have it on hand to see if your beliefs support your goals.

Empowering Beliefs FAQ's:

Q: How can I strengthen my belief that my Winning Outcome is desirable?

A: Ask yourself:

  • Is my Winning Outcome something I want, or something I was told I should want?
  • Do I need to change it in some way? How?
  • Have I already achieved my Winning Outcome?
  • Do I need to modify my Winning Outcome so it's more compelling? How?

Q: What can I do to feel more capable of achieving my Winning Outcome?

A: Make your Winning Outcome more specific, break it down into smaller pieces and make a list of accomplishments and the abilities you have that enabled you to achieve them.

Q: What can I do to feel more deserving of my Winning Outcome?


  • List some of the people who appreciate you, and why they appreciate you. Look at yourself through their eyes.
  • Make a list of the ways you've contributed to the richness of the lives of the people around you.
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