Video! A 15-minute TRX Core Workout

How’s this for a better-body promise: Get firm abs, sculpted arms and strong legs with limited equipment. The creator of TRX shows us how.
You've seen the infomercials. You might have even spotted straps hanging from the ceiling at the gym. And maybe you already know that using your own bodyweight is a surefire way to get toned. But if you haven't tried TRX (it stands for Total-body Resistance Exercise) yet, now's your chance.

There are a number of reasons TRX is so popular, but one of the most important is that the workout can be customized to your fitness level, no matter your age or size. The moves range from low-impact (if you have joint or back issues) to high-impact (think major calorie burn).

All you need for the routine are the two thick, non-stretchy nylon straps. “Just by moving your feet and shifting your body angle, you can go from minimum body resistance to lifting all of your body weight,” says Randy Hetrick, a retired Navy SEAL who dreamed up the workout during downtime on one of his special opps missions in the mid-90’s. There are up to six ways to do each move, varying from gentle to highly advanced, which means that you can keep on improving.

A major bonus: As you pick up the frequency and reduce the rest between moves, TRX becomes a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)—a huge trend in fitness. What’s so great about HIIT? By moving from one move to the next with limited breaks, you can fit in a serious workout (and get better results) in a shorter amount of time. Hetrick adds, “The workout devours a lot of calories since it’s a fusion of strength, cardio and flexibility, so you become long and strong.”

Ready to get strapped in? We asked the TRX team to share a 15-minute workout video with us! Try this routine for a tighter core and let us know what you think of the moves!
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