Cold-Weather Workout Gear

Stop using snow or chilly winds as an excuse to stay on the couch! Burn some calories and stay warm in the best new winter exercise apparel.
Cold-Weather Workout Gear

We know: It’s hard to motivate through the last quarter-mile of your walk or run when you can’t feel the tips of your fingers. And suffering an icy gust of wind down your collar one day makes it hard to get yourself out the door the next. Keep your workouts comfortable — and consistent — by suiting up in the latest high-tech cold-weather clothing and accessories.

Ski bunny

This lightweight waterproof jacket has adjustable Velcro wristbands to keep flakes out.

$160 at

Hot hands

With a waterproof shell, three heat settings and a battery life of up to six hours, these gloves will keep your hands toasty until you get back to the ski lodge (or your own front door).

$187.49 at
Leg warmer

These tights have Double Dry fabric to wick away sweat, keeping you dry and warm. (They also have a hidden inner back pocket for keys or a small MP3 player. )

$40 at

Layered look

Stay sweet (smelling) in this fitted tee. It's made of anti-bacterial fabric that draws sweat away from the body to keep you dry and prevent odor. Available in sizes up to 2XL.

$50 at
Toasty toes

Taking your routine indoors to the gym? Protect against locker-room bacteria with these super-soft socks. Their Copper Sole Technology helps eliminate odor, bacteria and fungi.

$9.95 at
Core temperature

Hiking for the day? Out on the back nine? This battery-heated jacket has three heating panels and can run for as long as 10 hours!

$199.99 at
Head gear

Why pile on a cumbersome headband-earmuffs-scarf combo when you can slip into this this seriously soft balaclava. Pull down the panel to protect your face and neck from frigid winter winds. (We love the cute pink and baby blue versions too.)

$18.65 at
Glow in the dark

The sun sets earlier in the winter, which means you’re more likely to exercise after dark. Protect yourself with this LED reflector band which can be worn around the wrist, arm, or even on your bike. You can choose between solid and flashing light.

$11.99 at
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