ActiveLink FAQ

Get answers to your most frequently-asked ActiveLink questions.
Active Link FAQ

Check out these answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about ActiveLink.

How does ActiveLink work?
ActiveLink is a personal Activity Monitor. You wear it in your pocket or clipped to your clothes, and it tracks all of your activity throughout the day. It challenges you to move more in all aspects of your life, not just through sports or workouts.

By recording all your movement, whether you’re walking the dog or working out at the gym, ActiveLink will let you know how many activity PointsPlus values you’re earning. After you’ve worn the ActiveLink monitor for an initial 8-day Assessment period, the personalized site creates an Activity Challenge for you, and provides information and motivation to help you reach your activity goal over a 12-week period. When you complete one Challenge, it will help you set, and reach, another. Get more info on how ActiveLink measures activity here.

What happens to my Activity Tracker on this site when I have ActiveLink?

Your Activity Tracker will sync up with ActiveLink, so you won’t be tracking activity PointsPlus values on; ActiveLink will do it for you. During your Assessment, you’ll see a message in your Activity Tracker reminding you that any activity PointsPlus values you earn during this time cannot be tracked. When you start your first Challenge, you’ll see the PointsPlus values you’re earning in your Activity Tracker, but to get all the detail, charts, graphs and info, go to your personalized ActiveLink site. You’ll be able to click to it from the Activity Tracker.

If you want to label specific activities you did, so their names will appear on your graphs on the ActiveLink site, see “activity naming” below.

What is the assessment phase, and why can’t I earn activity PointsPlus values during it?

Because the purpose of ActiveLink is to get you to move more than you already do, when you get started with ActiveLink you’ll go through an 8-day Assessment, when it monitors your regular level of activity for 7 full days. It’s really important that you stick faithfully to your ordinary activity level during this time — you’re not trying to prove anything to anyone! If you always run twice week, run twice a week. If you don’t exercise, don’t exercise! That way ActiveLink can then set a reasonable first Challenge for you, and help you build up to your next one gradually. Get more info on your Assessment phase here.

During your Assessment, you'll see a sneak preview of the day's activity and the activity PointsPlus values earned for that day and the day before. Once you begin your ActiveLink Challenge, you'll be able to see all your activity data in detailed graphs.

What is my Activity Base Line?

Your Activity Base Line is the amount of energy you need to expend each day to meet the requirements of a low-activity lifestyle. In other words, it’s the number of calories you need to burn just to go about your regular schedule. Your Activity Base Line is already part of the formula used to calculate PointsPlus® Targets. You get a certain number of PointsPlus values to eat every day based on your Activity Base Line — or, the expectation that you will do a minimal amount of physical activity, like walking to the mailbox, moving around your office, that sort of thing. Like the daily PointsPlus Target, it varies from person to person based on age, height, weight and gender. You can reach it simply by doing activities related to daily living, regular exercise or both.

You can earn activity PointsPlus values when you move above and beyond your Activity Base Line each day.

Your Activity Base Line stays the same as you become more active. It will only change when your details change, like after a birthday or weight loss.

Here’s some more information on how Activity PointsPlus values work with ActiveLink.

What’s the difference between the way I earned activity PointsPlus values before and now?

First off, see the answer above about your Activity Base Line. The number of activity PointPlus values you earn on any given day will be different with ActiveLink, because you can only earn them when you go above your Activity Base Line.

Also, it’s important to remember that the monitor calculates activity over daily and weekly periods. So it’s measuring your cumulative activity level more than it’s measuring levels for specific activities you do.

Finally, the simple fact that the monitor’s doing the measuring (and not you!) can make a difference. It’s entirely possible you were under- or overestimating your levels before ActiveLink, which is one of the reasons it’s such a great tool to have.

What is activity naming?

Naming is an optional feature that allows you to tag your activities so that when you sync your Activity Monitor, you can see which activities best helped you achieve your goals. To do this, select “Name your activities” under your activity graph on the ActiveLink site. We give your 12 activities to choose from; click “More” to see more or you create your own.

There are some activities, however, that may be slightly over- or under-reported because they don’t involve much body acceleration or are done on machines that aid acceleration. They are:

  • Cycling
  • Elliptical / cross trainer
  • Rowing
  • Skating
  • Skiing
  • Swimming

These activities will be recalculated when you use the naming feature and are represented by small arrows in the icon.

But remember, this doesn’t mean you have to name these activities to have accurate results in ActiveLink! ActiveLink calculates activity PointsPlus values based on the total amount of activity you do each day, not on specific activities. Recalculating these six activities helps ensure that the already accurate ActiveLink results are even more so. But naming is not required…it’s just an optional feature you can use if you want.

Is the device waterproof?

Yup, it is, so you can wear it swimming.

How long does the monitor need to charge for?

When it’s fully charged, the battery lasts a maximum of three weeks. When you upload data, the battery automatically charges itself. If you upload every 2 - 3 days, you won't need to worry about recharging the battery.

What if I have technical issues like syncing the monitor with my computer?

There is a great tech help section on the ActiveLink site. It should have the answers to most of your questions. If you’re still stuck, contact Philips Customer Service.

How much does ActiveLink cost?

If you have a Weight Watchers OnlinePlus or eTools subscription, you can get ActiveLink. The monitor itself costs $39.95, and the subscription is $5 a month, which gets charged to your account.

Do I have to wear the monitor at night?

No, you don’t need to wear it at night. Take it off and get a good night’s sleep. Just don’t forget to put it back on in the morning!

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