Recipes from NAKANO

NAKANO® is the natural, healthy alternative to heavy sauces and dressings. Fat-free, gluten-free seasoned rice vinegar to splash on and zest up any recipe.
Turkey Wrap

NAKANO® Seasoned Rice Vinegar has a sweet, light flavor that dresses up any dish. Simply splash it on everything from salads to pasta to meat and vegetables.
* All Natural
* Low Calorie
* No Fat
* Gluten Free
* No preservatives

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Chipotle Sauce
A distinctive dish made simple and healthy – accent your grilled pork tenderloin with savory chipotle flavor. NAKANO® adds just the right amount of zest to a marinade that makes this pork tenderloin tough to beat.
Tuna Tomato
Grilled Tuna with Fresh Tomato, Cucumber and Dill Relish
Take grilled tuna to a whole new level with marinade made from your choice of NAKANO® flavors like Basil & Oregano, Roasted Garlic or Balsamic Blend. Serve with fresh cucumber and dill relish for a succulent fish lover’s delight.
Moms Mac Salad
Mom’s Mac Salad
A picnic mainstay with a fresh new splash of flavor. Add zest while cutting back on calories by using NAKANO® to give your macaroni salad that extra pizzazz even mom’s was missing.
Garlic Chicken
Garlic-Ginger Chicken Stir Fry
Mixing NAKANO® with ginger and garlic gives this stir-fry dish an authentic flavor. A splash of NAKANO® enhances any dish without added calories or fat.
Turkey Wrap
Turkey Wraps
Begin with NAKANO® to create your choice of a garlic or red pepper flavored dressing. Spread dressing over your tortillas and fill with turkey, jicama, carrots and cheese for a turkey wrap that’s out of this world.
Skewered Steak
Skewered Steak with Argentine Chimichurri
It’s flavorful chimichurri marinade that makes this South American beef dish so uniquely delicious. Use NAKANO® along with garlic, pepper and spices to dress up these skewered strips of steak and grill to perfection.