Cuisine Intensive: Chinese

These recipes, tips and techniques will infuse your menu with a little Far East flavor.
Grace Young

It takes more than recipes to convey the wisdom and nuance of a cuisine. Practice, of course — we need to roll up our sleeves and start cooking, then keep at it until the movements and pace, and the smells, tastes and look of the dishes feel familiar.

Somewhere along the way, we’re ready to absorb more — we want to watch an expert at work, to learn their secrets and fine-tune our own skills, and to feel we’re on the path to mastery.

On this page, you’ll find that help — from how-to videos and recipes, to reading lists for beginners and veterans alike. Take it in and you’re on your way.

Grace Young
Video Series: In The Kitchen with Grace Young
Watch Chinese-cooking authority and veteran author Grace Young make simple, delicious recipes from her book Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge. She also shows us how to season and care for a wok, choose ingredients and even make ginger juice, among other useful tips.

Chinese Vegetables
The Skinny On Asian Vegetables
Expert advice on how to choose, use and enjoy everything from shoots to roots and so many fantastic vegetables in between.

Required Reading
Whether you’re new to Chinese cooking or are approaching it as a seasoned veteran, we’d like to suggest some delectable reading to keep things interesting. Here is a collection of favorite titles, chosen for their authenticity, expertise and clear explanations of techniques and ingredients. Enjoy!

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