Meet the Cast of Our New Weight Watchers Online Commercials

Earlier this year we asked those of you who saw success with Weight Watchers Online to share your stories with us. Out of tons of entries, we chose four of you to star in a commercial. Click the links below to meet the cast of our new campaign!
Meet Veronica
Veronica was uncomfortable in her own skin so she subscribed to Weight Watchers Online to get to goal. Now she’s inspired her mom and her co-workers to get healthier as well.

Meet Cara
Cara travels often and loved the flexibility of Weight Watchers Online. Now she's living the life she loves in a body she loves.
Bonnie and Holly
Meet Bonnie and Holly
These Texas sisters lost weight together with Weight Watchers Online. They shared ideas, recipes and encouragement.

Meet Mark
See how Mark, a restaurant-loving radio host, found success with Weight Watchers Online for Men.