5 Ways to Earn 4 Activity PointsPlus® Values

We've got a slew of everyday ways for you to get active.
Climbing a tree

Many of you know that breaking a sweat on the exercise bike or jogging around the track is a surefire way to earn activity PointsPlus values. But did you realize you can also rack up valuable activity PointsPlus values doing chores, enjoying a night out, and even playing with your kids?

"One member of my Monday-night group has been dropping the weight fast since he swapped his rider-mower for the push kind," reports Marcia Hubbell, a Weight Watchers meetings leader in Frederick, Maryland. "It's amazing how those little things can make such a difference. His nieces and nephews visit and say, 'I only have half an uncle now!'"

Here we list some fun and creative ways to earn 4 activity PointsPlus values:

4 Activity PointsPlus Values
  • Dance: "Many in my group tell me they never work up a sweat any faster than when they go out and dance," says Hubbell. Whether it's ballroom, contra, line, or square dancing, just 20 minutes at high intensity or 40 minutes at moderate intensity earn 4 activity PointsPlus values.
  • Splash: Hubbell also recommends you get "aqua fit" by jogging in the shallow end of the pool or learning a new stroke. Forty-five minutes of such low-impact aerobics, or 20 minutes of vigorous breaststroke or crawl, equal an easy-on-the-knees 4 activity PointsPlus values.
  • Clean: No more excuses for putting off that housework! An hour of laundry, ironing, and vigorously cleaning the house or car earns 4 activity PointsPlus values — or 5 if you're cleaning out a barn!
  • Dig: Flowers are a great investment for the yard, not to mention for the special lady in your life. Forty-five minutes of digging those bulbs can earn you 4 activity PointsPlus values.
  • Play: After all that dirty work, you deserve a break. Forty minutes on the golf greens — without the cart — or an hour of Frisbee with the kids, and you're ahead by 4 activity PointsPlus values.

There's really no limit to the ways you can earn activity PointsPlus values. "Do an activity three or four times a week, and you can swap PointsPlus values for a special dinner out or an extra slice of pizza and a beer," says meetings leader Mary Martin of Flemington, New Jersey. Be sure to consult your doctor first before starting an exercise program, and stay hydrated. But by finding an activity that works for you, your weight-loss program can be enjoyable, safe, and more effective than ever.

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