The Power of Routines

Repeating small, positive actions can help you make healthy choices.

Eating well and moving more may sound simple in theory, but you know there’s a lot of little actions involved in making these healthy behaviors happen at all, let alone regularly! That’s why the Weight Watchers program breaks down healthy habits into Routines — super-simple, easy tasks that help you take the guesswork out of making healthy choices.

During this week's meeting, your Leader will go over the 16 Routines that we know can lead to weight loss. (Vets, this is the perfect opportunity for a refresher course.) Our 16 Routines are steeped in science, but absolutely practical, thanks to input from members and Leaders who've already tried and succeeded with them). And as experienced members know, we've made them super simple so that you’re more likely to stick with them. To help newbies get a real-world take on Routines, your Leader may ask a few members to share the Routines they're doing now, and how they help them make healthy choices.

Anatomy of a habit
Habits (both good and bad) are made up of three parts: The actual behavior sandwiched between a trigger and a reward. The trigger is the situation that prompts a behavior response, and the reward is what happens afterward to reinforce the behavior so you’ll do it again. Identifying each of these three components will help you understand why you might be sticking to unhealthy habits — and could help you come up with healthy new alternatives.

For example, if your aim is to exercise more, but you often find yourself heading home to zone out in front of the TV, identify the circumstances that lead to the couch potato behavior. Are you stressed out after a long day at work? Too tired to head to the gym? Stash a jump rope, hand weights, resistance bands or a yoga mat right next to the remote and get moving during commercial breaks. Remembering that feeling of accomplishment is what will help you make the same healthy choice again, until being active becomes a habit.

Make the commitment
During your meeting, you'll have time to choose one of our 16 Routines to practice this month. Before making your selection, think about each Routine and where you are in your life. Does the Routine sound appealing? Realistic? If you're already working on a Routine or two, are you happy with them? If not, what hinders your progress? Is it time for a change? What would help you stick with a new one? Once you’ve chosen your Routine, you’ll get the opportunity to chew it over with everyone else.

More ways to make healthy changes stick:

Pick a Routine that Feels Doable Now
Make small, healthy actions part of your life with these easy ideas. When you’ve completed a daily task, check it off in your Routines tool, see your progress and get virtual rewards for sticking with it.
Stay on Track with Our Mobile App
Using the Routines tool on our mobile app makes it easy to be on your best Plan “behavior” anytime, anywhere. You can even set reminders to help you stay on track on your busiest days.
Join a “Good Habits” Challenge
Don’t go it alone! Check out the Challenges in our Community to find a group of like-minded people to encourage and motivate you as you commit to healthy new habits.
Take Simple Start to Go!
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Next Week's Meeting Topic?
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