Cuisine of the Day: Greek

Savor a souvlaki, go crazy for baba ghanoush and adore a dolma.
Cuisine of the Day Greek

Greek food, often dubbed Mediterranean cuisine, is touted for its use of healthy, unsaturated fats, but that doesn't mean you can eat all you want. Even olive oil (PointsPlus value of 1 per teaspoon, like all other oils) is best used in moderation.

Look out for PointsPlus value-packed dishes like moussaka (eggplant and ground beef or lamb with Bechamel sauce) and pastitsio (pasta and ground beef or lamb with Bechamel sauce), which are both smothered in cheese. Less fatty options include fish, chicken and vegetable kebabs, as well as tomato-based entrées.

Other good bets include Greek salad (just ask for the dressing on the side), which often contains just a small amount of feta. Pair it up with a piece of pita and Oooopa, you've got a complete meal.

Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Pita bread, 1 small 2
Olives, 10 small 1
Yogurt and cucumber salad, 1/2 cup 1
Greek salad, without dressing, 3 cups 3
Baba ghanoush, 1/4 cup 3
Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), 4 pieces 5
Chicken Souvlaki sandwich, 1 8
Lamb Souvlaki, 1 large or 2 small skewer(s) 8
Not-So-Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Saganaki (cheese appetizer), 1 piece 6
Moussaka, 1 piece 12
Falafel in pita 13
Pastitsio, 1 piece 14
Gyro, 1 16

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