Cuisine of the Day: Indian

From spicy to yogurt-infused, some Indian options are better than others.
Cuisine of the Day Indian

Fried appetizers and high-fat curry give Indian food a PointsPlus™ value-unfriendly name. But many leaner dishes grace Indian menus, like tandoori-baked meats and fish, baked breads and a wide array of healthy side dishes and condiments.

So skip the coconut milk-based items and opt for entrées cooked in the dry-heated tandoor oven instead, such as chicken tikka or tandoori shrimp. Or try something with a dahl (or dal) sauce: lentils, tomatoes and onions. Complement your dish with a house salad, just a touch of raita (a yogurt-based dressing) and some rice. Then relax in true Indian fashion with a nice hot cup of spiced tea.

Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Raita, 1/2 cup 2
Chapati bread, 1 piece 3
Puri bread, 1 piece 3
Naan bread, 7 x 8-inch piece 5
Tandoori chicken without skin, 1 piece 4
Chicken tikka, 4 oz 5
Bean and lentil stew, 1 cup (dal maharani) 6
Not-So-Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Samosa (fried vegetable or meat patties) 3
Lamb korma (creamy curry), 1 cup 16
Chicken curry, 1 cup 10
Vegetable fritters, 1 cup 12
Lamb biryani, 1 cup 15

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