Introducing ActiveLink® 2.0*

Your waterproof, multi-wearable, wirelessly synching activity and sleep monitor

An additional monthly ActiveLink subscription of $5 (plus tax in New York) is required.

The ActiveLink® 2.0 app experience
The app lets you sync your moves wirelessly and gives
you really cool insights on your activity in real time, plus
personalized goals and motivation to move more.
  • iPhone iOS 7 or higher, bluetooth smart supported
  • Android 4.3 or higher, bluetooth smart supported
What else do you get?
  • A personalized activity overview
  • Goal notifications + nudges to get moving
  • Track & monitor your sleep (you can rate it too!)
  • Speedy answers from the Answer Center

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meeting room near you.
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*You must have an active Weight Watchers eTools account to purchase and use the ActiveLink® 2.0 Activity Monitor. Available in participating meeting locations, or if it’s not available in your meeting location, via our website. An additional monthly ActiveLink subscription of $5 (plus tax in New York) is required and sold separately, which automatically renews each month until you cancel. Further restrictions apply.

Please note: The Monitor cannot be returned once the packaging seal is broken. Information on how to activate the Monitor and sign-up for your ActiveLink subscription can be found inside the package. ActiveLink is for your personal non-commercial use only and is not transferable. As with all activity, you are advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any fitness regime and before starting to use ActiveLink 2.0.