She’s a PointsPlus® Pro

Esther after
Esther before
 I feel fuller longer because I’m choosing more filling foods and eating a lot more fruit 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Esther started struggling with her weight as a college Freshman and by graduation she’d gained more than 60 pounds. About four years ago, she ran into a high school friend on Facebook, who suggested Weight Watchers meetings. Esther hasn’t looked back.

**Official Weight Watchers blogger. Esther lost weight on a prior Weight Watchers program and also with PointsPlus

A few years ago someone from my high school sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn’t even recognize the person. As it turns out, it was a friend of mine who had lost a really significant amount of weight and credited the Weight Watchers program. I liked the idea of going to meetings and spending time with others like me so I began following the POINTS® Weight Loss System. The meetings also gave me a sense of accountability.

The switch to the PointsPlus program

When I started following the new PointsPlus program, the first couple of weeks were the hardest since I felt like I was starting from the beginning. But all in all, I’d say it was a smooth transition. While I had seen results on the POINTS program, I took a leap of faith into the PointsPlus program and found it was even better suited to my lifestyle.

I’d recently had a child and needed to lose the baby weight. I realized that on the old plan I’d become a little bit lazy. I was guessing the POINTS values of a lot of food items and was going through a major weight-loss plateau. The switch to PointsPlus really got me focused on calculating and tracking again. It jumpstarted my weight loss and pulled me out of that rut.

I didn’t realize how often I would opt out of eating fruit because there were POINTS values attached to it. Now I’m eating less processed food and more fruits and vegetables that previously I didn’t choose as often.

Believe in the Plan

One thing I kept in mind over the course of the transition is that Weight Watchers has been around for so long and its programs just keep getting better as we learn more about science. When I think about how much the program has changed in the past 20 years, it makes me believe that Weight Watchers and its scientists know what they’re doing.

What’s changed?

I love the fact that I get a larger daily PointsPlus Allowance than I had on the POINTS system. I also feel fuller longer because I’m choosing more filling foods and eating a lot more fruit. I didn’t realize how much more bulk a piece of fruit has than a small 2 POINTS value snack bar.

Some things remain the same

I love strawberries, but one thing Weight Watchers has taught me is that I don’t always have to dip them in chocolate — although sometimes that’s OK! It’s about having balance and living in moderation.