When I enter the Access Code on my Starter Voucher it says it is invalid. What is wrong?

Access Codes may only be used once. After the first use, accessing eTools requires the user name and password you selected during sign up.

If you are certain that your Access Code has not been used before, please verify that you are:
  1. Entering the code in the correct boxes and you are entering all the digits exactly as they are written on the voucher. Do not include any additional characters like spaces or hyphens.
  2. Using a Monthly Pass access code and that you are on the correct sign up page at http://www.weightwatchers.com/startmonthlypass. The Access Code will not work if you are using it for the Weight Watchers eTools or Weight Watchers Online sign up processes.

If this does not help, please contact Customer Service and provide the Access Code exactly as it is written on your Monthly Pass Starter Voucher so that we may assist you.

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