Tracking your Healthy Checks

To the right in your food Tracker you’ll see a section for your Healthy Checks. These are to remind you to make good choices and boost your health while losing weight. Each image and the boxes next to it represent the recommended daily serving of each item.

  1. After you’ve had one serving of each item, click the boxes next to the image. For example, if you’ve had your first 8-ounce glass of water today, click the box next to the image.
  2. You’ll see the box fill in. When you’ve had another serving, click the boxes again.
  3. When you’ve had the recommended amount for the day, a smiling face will congratulate you.
  4. Click on any of the items to get more detail.
If you don’t want to check off items but just want to be reminded of your Healthy Checks, click the line in the upper-right-hand of the box to minimize this window.

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