Finding and Tracking Activities

You can get the PointsPlus® value for any activity you do. We calculate the PointsPlus values for all activities using your weight, and the intensity and duration of the activity.

  1. You can search for activities in our database and add them to your Tracker. Enter an activity in the text box and select Search. Select the closest match, make any necessary adjustments, and select Add to Tracker to add to your Tracker.
  2. You can also add activities that aren't in our database. In the Activity PointsPlus Calculator, enter the exercise name, the duration in minutes, and the intensity of the exercise: low, moderate or high. (Select the Intensity link to learn how to determine intensity level.)
  3. When you find the activity you're looking for, click it and select Add. Your new exercise will be added to your Tracker.
  4. Note the PointsPlus values are listed to the right. As you add more activities, the PointsPlus values will add up for that day. Please note your activity PointsPlus values are only swapped for extra food PointsPlus values after you've used your weekly PointsPlus Allowance.
Can’t find the activity you’re looking for? Suggest an activity for us to add.

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