Why am I unable to post a message?

If you are unable to post a message please make sure that you have not exceeded 2,000 characters in your post.

If you have not exceeded the 2,000 character limit, please check that you are using a supported web browser. We have found that incompatibilities exist between certain browser configurations and the technology that governs the Community section. If you use a customized browser such as that provided by EarthLink or Juno, you should try minimizing the browser and accessing our community sections via an alternate browser.

All browsers listed below can be downloaded for free.


Internet Explorer (including AOL)
Mozilla Firefox

The following browsers are not compatible with our Web site
I.E. 4.x on PC and MAC
I.E. 5.x on MAC
Netscape 4.75 and 6.2 on PC and MAC
Safari 1.X on MAC
Camino™ by Mozilla
Mozilla (stand alone)
Cell Phone or PDA Browsers

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