Cost of Weight Watchers eTools

Weight Watchers eTools, our Internet weight-loss companion customized for men and women is available exclusively for Weight Watchers meetings members. If you’re already a meetings member, you can find your access code in your Week 1 meetings materials.

If you’re not already attending meetings, learn what meetings are all about.

Save with our 3-Month Savings Plan*
$34.95 for the first 3 months
$14.95 for each additional month**

Standard Monthly Plan
$14.95 per month**

*Savings are calculated based upon our standard monthly plan rates and assume subscriber completes the full term of the savings plan.

**PLEASE NOTE: Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your payment plan at the standard monthly rate (currently $14.95) until you cancel.

You can change your Payment plan at any time in the “My Profile” section of the Web site.

Sign up for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass and get unlimited meetings each month and FREE access to eTools. (Available in participating areas only)

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