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We make smart choices simple

The myWW+ program is our most science-backed
program ever!

On our program, you will:

You’ll be guided toward
healthy choices

Our personal assessment focuses on your unique needs and provides the options that best match your lifestyle.


Eat smarter with a daily SmartPoints® Budget

Our science-based SmartPoints system is personalized for your age, height, weight, and sex to help you lose weight.

Reach your goals with our app and Workshops

Our award-winning app and WW-expert led Workshops help you build healthy habits for life

How our program works

  1. Join now and unlock a personal assessment that gets to know your preferences and lifestyle.
  2. Access a weight-loss program that’s tailored for you.
  3. Get support from a Coach in-Studio or 24/7 in your app.

All the tools you need in our award-winning app

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Get a food and activity tracker, barcode scanner, free rewards, and WW-approved recipes in the palm of your hand.

*Comparing Digital members who tracked weight 6 months after starting WW Freestyle vs. the same time period on the prior program in the prior year.

Never worry about what you’re going to eat next

Search 94,000+ restaurant foods and WW recipes with our SmartPoints calculated for you, so you don’t have to miss out!

"WW has transformed our lives, and I get to see it up close and personal at work. It inspires me every day."

Jeanine, Digital + Workshops

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