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Indiana University Health is committed to helping you reach your wellness goals—to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset, or all the above—by offering discounted pricing and 50% subsidy on the WW offerings listed below. Team members can earn Healthy Results Incentive Points for up to three quarters per year for a possibility of 600 total points.

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Join WW through Indiana University Health at a discounted rate!


Find the right plan that suits your lifestyle

Digital less than $9.00/month.*

Eat well, move more, and lose the weight you want with a personalized action plan, progress reports, easy-to-use-tracking tools, 10,500+ recipes and 24/7 Coach chat – all in our award-winning app.

Unlimited Workshops + Digital less than $20.00/month.*

Get in-person and virtual weight-loss support from your Coach and a group of WW members – whenever you need it. We’re reopening with more locations and times, including unlimited virtual sessions. Plus, all the benefits of the Digital plan.

For new WW members:

  • Access ID (formerly Employer ID): 38785
  • Membership: Team members earning an hourly rate of $20.99 or less select "Member." All other team members select the "Employee" option. PRN team members should choose the “Employee” option regardless of hourly rate.
  • Employee ID: Your Oracle Person Number**

To locate your Oracle Person Number log into the IU Health Team Portal and access your Oracle account. Click on the Personal Information App and then on Employment Info. Your Oracle Person Number will be listed within Employment Info under “Person Number.”

How to earn Healthy Results incentive points
IU Health team members receive 200 incentive points for the following:

  • Unlimited Workshops + Digital: Attend nine out of 12 workshops in a quarter OR use the WW app three days per week for nine out of 12 weeks in a quarter.
  • Digital: Use the WW app three days per week for nine out of 12 weeks in a quarter.

You can earn points for up to three quarters per year for a possibility of 600 total points.

Those with the “Employee” designation who register for WW Digital + Workshops are eligible for one quarterly reimbursement of $57.33 per program year. Team member must attend nine out of 12 workshops in a quarter OR use the digital tool three days per week for nine out of 12 weeks in a quarter to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement will automatically be added to your paycheck by Healthy Results if criteria is met.

Questions? Contact WW at 866-204-2885 or email wellnesshelp@ww.com

Already a WW member? You can sync your current WW account to get this discount online or by contacting customer service.

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week. Amma lost weight on a prior WW program and is continuing on PersonalPoints™.

Limited-time offer!


Amma found success with WW—so can you!

Join WW by June 30 to get a FREE WW Activity Kit. Get your WW Activity Kit at WW.com/activitykit.


How WW’s NEW Program Works

1. Unlock an individualized plan based on your body, your goals, and the foods you love—no two plans are the same.

2. Increase your food Budget by eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and being active.

3. Stay supported with easy-to-use app tools, 24/7 Coaching, and a community you can lean on. ‎

WW Members Lose 2x More Weight Than Doing It on Their Ownᶿ

A grid featuring WW members Christine P. (lost 71 pounds), Jacqueline S. (lost 55 pounds), Mike J. (lost 31 pounds), and Erin M. (lost 69 pounds).*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Featured members lost weight on a prior program and are continuing on PersonalPoints.

ᶿDF Tate et al., 12-month randomized multi-country trial comparing weight loss between the WW program to a do-it-yourself approach where resource guides were provided. Under review. Funded by WW International, Inc.

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With WW, you'll gain access to your company's private virtual Workshops, where you and your colleagues will get weekly weight-loss guidance and support from a WW Coach.

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*“Less than” price reflects the membership plan price for an employee. Monthly payment is required in advance. You will be automatically charged each month in accordance with company pricing until you cancel or your employment with your company terminates. Workshops are available in participating areas only.