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How to Stay on Track During a Beach Day

Enjoy a day of sun, sand and easy, nutritious, filling foods.

Your beach bag is packed with all the supplies you need for a day on the water: sunscreen, a big towel, more sunscreen, portable speakers, an umbrella, even more sunscreen. You know you want to skip the boardwalk bottomless fries for lunch, but maybe you're not sure what to pack to eat that will be tasty, good for you, and filling. We’ve got you!

Pack single-serving snack foods

When you throw one party-size bag of chips into your beach bag, it’s easy to end up over-snacking. Pack portion-controlled pouches instead (like WW barbecue potato crisps or sea salt tortilla chips) or take your portion from the large bag and put it in a smaller bag; leave the rest of the big bag at home.

Freeze your fruit

Throw a bunch of washed grapes, a container of rinsed blueberries, or a tub of cut pineapple in your freezer the night before your beach day and put the frozen fruit in your cooler the next day. Fruit is delicious and refreshing frozen, but will still be cool and sweet even if it defrosts a bit in the sand.

Stay hydrated

The night before, assemble a pitcher of homemade flavored water in the fridge. Great combos include watermelon and basil, lemon and ginger, and cucumber and mint. Pour some water into one large reusable water bottle with some ice, or keep your beverage chilled with an insulated drink tumbler. Consider also bringing some cut fresh watermelon or cantaloupe to the beach, both of which are about 90 percent water.

Plan your breakfast

Figure out what you’ll have for breakfast the night before so you don’t end up running out of time to eat in the morning (and then find yourself on the road, hungry, and looking for your snacks before you even hit the highway). Think about making yourself a portable breakfast or have something ready to go in the fridge such as overnight oats.

Swap sandwich condiments for more filling spreads

Give your beach sandwiches a protein-and-fiber boost with store-bought or homemade black bean spread, white bean spread, or creamy hummus. Other tasty options include mashed, seasoned canned beans, or a few slices of high-fiber, heart-healthy avocado. Then pile the bread high with fresh or grilled veggies!

Or turn last night’s leftovers into today’s healthful beach lunch

All you need is a reusable lunch tote, a few ice packs, and some tasty fridge finds. Choose things that taste great eaten chilled, such as sesame noodles, steak salad, or a BBQ chicken bowl. Tote your lunch to the beach in a reusable food container that has a separate compartment for condiments or sides to avoid sogginess.

Skewer food for easy eating

Food on sticks makes for simple, no-fork-required, one-handed beach eating. Try antipasto skewers, turkey club skewers, or Greek salad kebabs. Then finish off your meal with refreshing fresh fruit skewers. Just pack all the dressings and sauces in separate small containers for dipping.

Ditch store-bought deli salads

Make your own healthier tuna salad, egg salad, or chicken salad with swaps like nonfat yogurt or pureed silken tofu for mayo, or opting for a light vinaigrette instead. Enjoy them over salad, sandwiched between your favorite bread, or turn them into lettuce wraps.

Solidify your snacks with some protein and fiber

Munching on fresh fruit and veggies at the beach is great, but to give your between-meal snacks more staying power, combine them with some protein and/or healthy fats. Easy options include hummus, sliced turkey breast, hard-boiled eggs, light string cheese, olives, walnuts, or almonds.

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