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A new way to think about weight

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We’re ready to change our relationship with weight. Are you?

After more than 60 years of watching weight, we think it’s time to shift the role weight plays in our society. If you’re ready to shed the shame, dismantle diet culture and advocate for every body, join us alongside Oprah Winfrey and special guests for a free, interactive virtual experience.

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Pave your new path

Follow along with this digital journal. Practice strategies to help you move forward, shed the shame and heal your relationship with weight.

For the best experience, please open the digital journal on a desktop or laptop.

What’s covered

01. Shedding the weight of shame

Challenge everything you thought about weight. Prepare to be part of a conversation that will enlighten and empower you with fresh perspectives.

02. The science of weight health

Discover how doctors and scientists are revolutionizing our approach to weight as it relates to health. Learn about scientific advancements that can improve our understanding of weight and our collective health.

03. Create a new health culture together

What would our society look like if we prioritized health and well-being over unattainable physical standards? We’ll close our event by envisioning this bold, new future together.

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By reflecting on the past, we get to grow. We get to be better together. That’s what WeightWatchers has always been about, caring together. And learning how to care for ourselves and each other.

Sima Sistani CEO of WeightWatchers

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