Benefits of healthy weight loss

A weight-loss program with structure, support and scientific research is a game plan for success.
healthy weight loss

A safe, healthy weight-loss program can lead to weight loss success. And a comprehensive program like Weight Watchers, that’s based on scientific research and backed by more than 50 years of success, provides just that.

The Weight Watchers program teaches members to make smarter choices about food and exercise while still enjoying the things they love. Building new healthy habits and having 24-7 access to resources and support can help people stay the course. This four-pillared approach — smart food choices, activity, healthy habits and support — is unique to Weight Watchers and has helped millions of people lose weight.

The benefits of a comprehensive and healthy weight-loss program are backed up by research: People who take advantage of this all-encompassing offering by attending Weight Watchers meetings and using eTools (the online and mobile tools available as a subscription to meetings members) lose eight times more weight than those who try to lose weight on their own*.

The Weight Watchers program means eating real food. There are no prescribed foods and nothing is off limits. The program steers members towards healthy, satisfying choices — we call these Weight Watchers Power Foods, and make them easily identifiable for a no-brainer choice. They tend to be higher in protein and/or fiber, lower in carbohydrates and fat, and help people feel fuller, longer. With a focus on a balanced diet, the program was designed to work for all kinds of people — men and women, foodies and fast-food fans, vegetarians and steak lovers, and those with dietary restrictions. And of course, a weight-loss plan based on healthy eating allows for healthy weight loss.

The Weight Watchers program is flexible, allowing people to follow it in a variety of ways. You can can attend one of the thousands of weekly Weight Watchers meetings across the country or follow the program completely online. And it’s not an either/or choice: Members who attend meetings may also subscribe to Weight Watchers eTools, Weight Watchers OnlinePlus and mobile tools to stay connected between meetings.

Of course, a healthy weight-loss program is only effective if you can stick to it. To that end, Weight Watchers is constantly working on ways to make following the program better, easier and more convenient. Our apps, available for the iPhone, Android and iPad, give subscribers to Weight Watchers OnlinePlus and Weight Watchers eTools access to more than 190,000 food items, and 4,000 recipes and meal ideas with the PointsPlus® values already calculated. We also offer subscribers a mobile web experience and, of course, a website with thousands of articles, videos, tips and tools to help them live a healthy, fun lifestyle.

We’re not just saying this ourselves: U.S. News & World Report once again confirmed our top spot in its rankings for Best Weight-Loss Diet, Best Commercial Diet Plan and Easiest Diet to Follow categories in its Best Diets 2013 report. An independent panel of 20 diet and nutrition experts found that the flexibility of Weight Watchers, and the fact that no foods were off limits, were big perks of the program.

You can learn more about joining Weight Watchers meetings or subscribing to Weight Watchers OnlinePlus by clicking here.

*Weight loss data obtained at 6 months

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