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WW Fresh Box Slice

New WW freshbox

The new WW freshbox combines the best Australian produce & SmartPoints®-friendly* recipes so that you can cook your way to a happier, healthier life. We’ve sold over 30,000 boxes and counting. Plus we’ve now got a Vegetarian option available!

  Love FOOD Your Way

Fall in love with real food again

Eat nutritious foods that are full of flavour and fill you up.

Enjoy food with the people you love

No food or drinks are off-limits. You can buy, cook and eat what you love. We’ll give you the tools and support to enjoy them Your Way, so you lose kilos, not your lifestyle.

Make healthier choices without the headache

Backed by the latest science, SmartPoints® takes complex nutrition information and simplifies it into one easy-to-use number.

Jennie Rayner lost 30 kg in 24 months 

What can I eat?

Eat the food you love.
No food is off-limits, and you eat real, everyday food.


We cater to almost every dietary preference. No matter how you eat, we’ve got you covered.

Get tips for finding the best option on the menu, from fast food to 5-star.


Our Your Way Program assigns every food a SmartPoints® value based on kilojoules, protein, saturated fat and sugar. It takes how your body processes food into account and takes the hard work out of making healthy, filling choices. It gives you credit for eating more lean protein and less sugar and saturated fat. You’ll be given a daily and weekly SmartPoints® allowance, which you can use any way you want, with the help of our tools.

Tracking SmartPoints®
is Easy

First things first, why track? Tracking makes you mindful of what you’re eating and helps you stick to your SmartPoints® budget. Over time you’ll learn to make smarter food choices and see where your trouble spots lurk. Best of all, studies show that keeping track of food intake leads to greater weight loss.. 

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Sweet and savoury snacks

Browse our range of portion controlled sweet treats and savoury snacks.

Enjoy your new healthier life now.