sarah, duchess of york

success story

I was a different person in early 1997 when I first signed on as Weight Watchers spokesperson. I had just released my biography, My Story, and was still living amid bitter criticism in the UK, made worse by negative coverage in the British tabloid press. My confidence was badly shaken and my low esteem made it difficult to imagine what my future might hold. I had lost quite a bit of weight before through a regimen of careful dieting and exercise, but keeping the weight off was still a daily battle.

At first, the very idea of representing Weight Watchers in America was extraordinary. Though I’d been a Weight Watchers member in London when I was 19 years old, I wondered how I could possibly be a credible role model for successful dieting after so many years of yo-yo dieting. But it was my difficulties with weight control that made Weight Watchers approach me to be their spokesperson. That relationship changed my life, marking an important turning point when my weight, health, personal life and finances all started to come under control.

Today, I’m fit and trim, having reached my goal weight in December 1997 and becoming a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member in January 1998. I am so grateful to Americans who have accepted my new life as working mother. After years of criticism and bad press in England, my work in the U.S. helped me to regain my confidence and rediscover my talent as a communicator. I’ve become a passionate advocate for women’s health issues.