How ready are you to lose weight?

How ready are you to lose weight?
If you want to lose weight, are you mentally prepared to follow through? Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to start dropping those unwanted pounds.

I’ve thought a lot about my eating habits and physical activities in order to pinpoint what I need to change.


I‘ve accepted the idea that I need to make permanent, not temporary, changes to be successful.


As the bottom line, I will measure my success by the amount of weight I lose.


I think losing weight slowly and safely would be more preferable to losing it very quickly.


I‘m thinking of losing weight now because I really want to, not because someone else thinks I should.


I want to lose weight to solve several of the problems in my life.


I’m willing and able to increase my physical activity.


I can lose weight successfully only if I have no "slip-ups,” i.e. overeat, or veer off-track from my weight-loss plan.


I’m ready to commit time and effort each week to organizing and planning my food and physical activity.


In the past when I’ve lost some initial weight, I usually lack the motivation to keep going.


I want to start a weight-loss plan, even though my life is unusually stressful right now.

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