Are You Tempted by Stray Food?

Are You Tempted by Stray Food?
Sure, mom taught you "waste not, want not." But feasting on anything free can put your weight-loss plan in danger. Are you prone to nibble on stray food?

You just had lunch, but there are leftover morning doughnuts up for grabs in the office kitchen. You:


You made brownies — with nuts — for your family. But it turns out, they don't like nuts! They left most of the pan uneaten. What do you do?


You decide you want to splurge and spend some PointsPlus values on a small bag of chips. But the store only carries the "mega" size. What do you do?


Dining out with friends, you order a salad. It comes with breadsticks, which you hadn't accounted for when you figured the PointsPlus values. You:


It's "free sample" day at the grocery store. What's your plan of attack?


Your Sunday paper is always full of grocery store coupons for great bargains on candy. You:


Dinner's over. What do you do with the leftovers?


Which of the following lessons were you taught as a kid?

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