Our Favorite Snack Foods

Hey, we get hungry too! WeightWatchers.com editors taste-tested and approved these satisfying snacks.
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Did prehistoric man take snack breaks? We don't know, but we can't imagine going a day without one. (It's even a healthy Routine.) Here at Weight Watchers headquarters we editors are always on the lookout for inventive, tasty and (of course) low-PointsPlus value snacks. We’ve rounded up some of our old favorites as well as some new-to-market munchies to keep you satisfied between meals.
Snikiddy Baked Fries
These baked fries are a great alternative to typical cheese puffs: They have less than half the fat, are made with all natural ingredients and available in seven flavors including barbeque, buffalo and cheddar!
PointsPlus value: 3 per 1oz serving. $2.99 per 4.5 ounce bag at Snikiddy.com*
Each perfectly-portioned pack of Oloves contains 14 marinated and pitted Spanish olives, and comes in flavors like Tasty Mediterranean, Lemony Lover and Hot Chilli Mama. The 50-calorie packs are shelf-stable and contain no liquid, so they’re great for snacking on-the-go.
PointsPlus value: 1 per pack. About $1.25 per pack at Amazon.com
Fiber One
Fiber One Lemon Bars
Perfect with coffee for a quick breakfast or as a midday snack, these soft, sweet-tart bars have only 90 calories and contain 20% of your daily recommended fiber. (We also like the Cinnamon Coffee Cake flavor.)
PointsPlus value: 2 per bar. About $3.00 per box at major grocers nationwide
Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps
Both sweet and savory, these sunflower- and flax-seed crackers are perfect whatever you’re craving and number 12 per serving. Pair them with one of Trader Joe’s new mini brie wedges— it has a PointsPlus value of just 1!
PointsPlus value: 3 per 12 crisp serving. $3.99 per box at Trader Joe’s stores nationwide
Pop Chips
Popchips Salsa Tortilla Chips
With flavors like nacho cheese, ranch and Chili Limón, Popchips' new tortilla chips gives you a flavorful crunch with none of the guilt. Our favorite is the salsa variety: It has a spicy, tomato kick.
PointsPlus value: 3 per 1oz bag. $1.29 at major grocers nationwide.
Weight Watchers Blueberry Granola Clusters
Weight Watchers Blueberry Granola Clusters
We love these crunchy granola clusters not only for their not-too-sweet blueberry flavor, but for their versatility. Straight from the pack, in a yogurt parfait or even over a small scoop of ice cream, they’re a satisfying treat with lots of fiber to keep you fuller, longer.
PointsPlus value: 3 per pack. $4.95 per box in Weight Watchers meeting rooms nationwide
Crispy Green Snacks
Crispy Green Snacks
Sometimes a juicy orange just won’t satisfy a crunchy-snack craving. That’s when we turn to these tart, freeze-dried fruit snacks. We like apple, but they come in six other flavors including pineapple, Asian pear and mango.
PointsPlus value: 1 per pack. About $1.30 per pack at CrispyGreen.com
Chatham Village Garden Herb Croutons
Chatham Village Garden Herb Croutons
More flavorful and lower in PointsPlus values than pretzels, these baked croutons are delicious and satisfying straight from the bag. (Of course, they’re great in salads and soups as well.)
PointsPlus value: 1 per 2TB serving. $2.25 at Sam’s Club and other major grocers
Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter
Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter
Though this creamy spread has the same PointsPlus value as peanut butter, it contains no nuts, so it’s safe for kids’ lunches. How does it get the peanut buttery flavor? From naturally-nutty golden peas and a touch of sugar. Yum!
PointsPlus value: 5 per 2-Tbs serving. $6.99 per jar at NetGrocer.com
Sea Snax
Ditch the chips and dig into these crunchy, salty (and sometimes spicy) roasted seaweed sheets. Eating a nutritious snack doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor; they’re available in onion, chipotle, sea salt and wasabi varieties.
PointsPlus value: 1 per pack. About $1.50 per pack at SeaSnax.com

*Prices and availability may vary.
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