What is PowerStart?

You’re getting a great weight-loss edge with the PointsPlus® program — and now, with PointsPlus 2012, our new PowerStart gets you on to the road to success with a strong footing.

PowerStart is a three-part introduction to the PointsPlus program, over three weeks, with your Leader. This is an interactive session during which you’ll practice living with the PointsPlus program. You’ll ask questions, take part in practical exercises, exchange ideas with other Weight Watchers members and get a week’s worth of meal ideas that help you on your way to success.

Each of the three PowerStart sessions starts with a quick briefing on the program essentials, and then dives in to different skills you’ll use to succeed. No matter what week you start, you’ll learn valuable skills that will see you through your first week on Plan. In weeks two and three, you’ll add to that solid base, with the opportunity to ask follow-up questions with some time on Plan under your belt. At the end of the three weeks, you’ll get another book, Living PointsPlus, that will help you keep going all the way to your goal.

Most important of all: You can attend these sessions any time. If, after your first three weeks, you’d like to review what you learned in week 1 with the benefit of three weeks’ experience, then you’re more than welcome to stay. If you’ve been on Plan for weeks, months, even years — join in and really master the basics! Not only might you learn something new; you might also teach something to those around you.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll learn in each session:

Power Spaces

Making smart choices gets a whole lot easier when your environment is set up for success. Your kitchen, your office, your car… when you work to surround yourself with good, healthy choices, it’s harder to choose the wrong thing. This session will teach you how to create a powerful, successful environment, and how to identify — and remove — the obstacles that may stand in your way.
Power Choices

Weight Watchers gives you great flexibility in what you can eat. But some food choices work extra-hard to keep you satisfied and healthy. This session will teach you which food choices give you the biggest bang for your buck.
Power Plans

You shouldn’t have to opt out of life’s opportunities when you start a weight-loss program. Learning the skills to enjoy dinners out, special occasions and other treats is a key part of this session. You’ll also discover how activity can help you be successful on Plan, and how it can even let you enjoy more treats from time to time.
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