Your Guide to Diabetes

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Your Guide to Diabetes

If you're losing weight, you're already following the number one course for preventing type 2 diabetes. But it's not just as simple as cutting calories; upping your intake of foods like whole grains and lean proteins, while increasing your activity level, are also great weapons against the disease. Read how to help treat and prevent diabetes, while learning some fun and delicious ways to keep it at bay in the long term.

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Tips to Help Prevent Type-2 Diabetes
One of the gravest threats obesity poses to a person's health is raising their risk of type 2 diabetes. If you're losing weight, you're already following the number one course for prevention. Follow these tips to help reduce your risk.

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The Great Defense Against Type-2 Diabetes: Weight Loss
The National Diabetes Education Program says people at high risk for type-2 diabetes can prevent or delay the onset of the disease by losing just five to seven percent of their body weight.

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Eating with Type-2 Diabetes: Food is Your Friend
Living with or preventing type-2 diabetes doesn't mean your days of good eating are over. In fact, food is your friend, and is arguably one of the best ways you can treat — and prevent — the disease.

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Know Your Numbers
Numbers — some achieved as simply as measuring your waist, others produced by medical testing — can give you a reading on how your life will be lived out. Learn how blood sugar levels, among other stats, can paint your health picture.

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Walking for Beginners
Exercise is an important part of diabetes management and prevention. As easy as strolling to the corner store, walking is the most natural and affordable exercise you can do. We guide you through those first steps.

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Never Miss a Workout Again
If you're new to exercise, you may well learn that it's all too easy to find great reasons not to work out. Read our tips on how to excuse-proof your workout.

What You Need to Know About Cooking with Grains
Whole grains are wonderfully healthful foods, especially for those with diabetes. Quinoa, bulgur and polenta may seem too exotic for some, but they're actually easily-prepared, easy-to-flavor carbohydrates that you can learn to love in no time.

Whole Grain Imposters
Whole Grain Imposters
Eating whole grains can help give your health a boost – but the labels on popular foods are so confusing it’s hard to know if you’re buying the real deal. We’ve decoded the sneaky terms and phrases that are getting in the way of your good health.

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