popsicle star

The best tasting ice pops are the ones you make at home. Here are three cool recipes for you and the kids to whip up so you can stay cool in the hot summer sun.
popsicle star
Everyone loves an ice pop. Who doesn't remember the red ring around their mouth or the ringing of the ice cream truck bell? And they're so simple: Sweet ice on a stick. Loaded with artificial flavours and colours, of course.

But you can stay cool this summer with your own, all-natural ice pops — no fake colours or flavourings. They're a snap to make, and the kids will love you for it. Check out our favourites:

Berry-Melon Pops
Mango Peach Pops
Banana Pineapple Pops

Pop Tips
Virtually any liquid can be transformed into an ice pop: fruit juice, soda, milk, lemonade — even coffee and tea. Freeze it plain or jazz it up with puréed fruit, but be sure to use ripe fruit. It's so much sweeter and more flavourful, you may not even need to add extra sugar.

You can buy Popsicle molds at housewares and department stores.
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