the power of interim goals

The Power of Interim Goals
If you held a bundle of 20 pencils in your hand and tried to break them, you probably wouldn't be able to. Even if you worked your hardest. The task is simply impossible, because the bundle is too big.

Breaking one pencil, though, would be easy.

Like the bundle of pencils, any larger goal can seem insurmountable. That's why dividing goals into smaller pieces and tackling them one at a time can feel more manageable.

Weight loss works the same way: If you look only at the big picture, the task can seem overwhelming and even impossible. But if you break the process down into small, achievable steps, you'll feel like you're in control and constantly accomplishing your goals.

Pick Your Battles
You may have heard your leader or other Meetings members talking about the 10% target — a suggestion to people new to Weight Watchers to aim for losing 10% of their starting weight. There are a number of reasons for this: First of all, studies show that losing just 10% of your starting weight will vastly improve your health.

But also important is the motivational benefit. Meeting a goal feels good. And when you first start to lose weight, your ultimate weight goal may be a long way off. Aiming for a smaller goal at the start — then meeting it — proves that you can do this, and that you're on your way.

Additional small goals along the way work just as well. The trick is deciding which interim goals are right for you. Perhaps you've already lost 10%. If so, what's next on your weight loss to-do list? Remember, it's critical for you to choose short-term goals that are right for you, so that you will want to do what's necessary to achieve them.

Here are some sample interim steps:
  • To lose another 5% or 10%.

  • To lose another 10 or 15 pounds.

  • To break a certain weight (i.e., under 200 pounds).

  • To fit into the next smaller size.

  • To be able to walk three miles.

A great way to determine the steps you'll take toward your ultimate weight goal is to use Storyboarding, from Weight Watchers Tools for Living. Storyboarding will help you develop a map to success. Subscribers only, click here for more info.

At your next Meeting, ask the friends around you what their next step is. And for more about setting smaller, attainable goals, click "Next." You'll:
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Make It to a Meeting

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