Sizzling Summer Beauty: Super Skincare Products

Get your skin ready for its big summer exposure debut.
No one in their right mind will go outside without a sunscreen these days. And happily, the formulas have been improved to the point that you can wear a super-high protection factor without looking like you’ve been dunked in a clay bog. Weight Watchers Staff tested some of the newer products, plus a bevy of other skincare solutions that promise to make various parts of your body as exposure-ready as they’ll ever be.

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Banana Boat Baby
Banana Boat Baby Tear Free spf 50
While I'm still not comfortable with using an aerosol sunscreen on my 9-month-old daughter, I was impressed by the way it protected her skin throughout a long beach day. I like that it isn't totally transparent so that I was able to cover any spots I missed as I sprayed. –Aransas Savas

$9.99; Available at drugstores nationwide
Blistex Deep Renewal SPF 15
I discovered this product recently while in the dry, desert atmosphere of Las Vegas. I’m a lip balm addict (and snob) in general, but was blown away by the silkiness of this variety and it fast became a several-times-a-day ritual for me. It feels luxurious on the lips, and has a slight sweetness that gives the added bonus of acting as an anti-snacking device. Best of all, my lips look smooth and shiny, and the low cost means I can stash a tube in multiple places. –Elly Trickett McNerney

$2.79; Available at drugstores nationwide

Coppertone® NutraShield™ SPF 30 with Dual Defense
Coppertone always does a good job of protecting my skin from the sun. I think this new formulation with antioxidants/anti-aging mechanisms would be great for people who find themselves always outdoors or living in a warm climate. For me, a New York City resident, I don’t think I’d see the effects from NutraShield just because I probably won’t wear it as much. I'm not sure I’d spend more on this bottle for my vacation/summer outing schedule but if I were to relocate to a warmer climate, I would make this bottle my new best friend. –Lolita Verny

$10.99; Available at drugstores nationwide
Dr Lemongrass
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil
I’m super skeptical about products that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but I wanted to try this as I’m a fan of Dr. Hauschka and, frankly, willing to try anything that holds the promise of looking better in a bikini. After two weeks of use, I can’t claim that the dimples have been banished, but my skin certainly feels softer and has a healthy sheen. The lemon scent is yummy, though the lemongrass gives me a slight whiff of Thai curry. My colleague Beth Herbert tried the Blackthorn Body Oil which claims to reduce stretchmarks. She loves the woodsy smell, but thinks it’s too early to tell how well it’s living up to its claim. –Elly Trickett McNerney

$28.95; Available at

Perfekt Eye
Per-fekt Eye Perfection Gel
If nothing else, this product does a fantastic job of waking me up in the morning! The cool feel of the metallic applicator tip, plus the soothing cream-gel formulation of the product, instantly makes my eyes open wide. The slight tint helps reduce shadows, yet doesn’t feel like a heavy concealer. As I’m still using my Olay Definity eye cream in the evening (I’m too scared to stop!), it’s hard to tell if this product is benefiting my skin in the long term, but for day-to-day use, I’m happy with how my peepers look. –Elly Trickett McNerney

$45; Available at

Skintimate Extra Gentle Shave Cream
I really enjoyed using Skintimate Extra Gentle Shave Cream to shave my legs. I much prefer this non-lathering cream shave to the standard lathering/foaming shave cream. I typically use a shower gel or bar soap to shave my legs, and I noticed that when I used this product my legs were noticeably softer and hydrated as the product boasts on the label. In fact, it was so moisturizing that I didn't need to put lotion on after shaving. Moreover, it was very gentle and the razor glided on my skin while I was shaving. And last but not least, I didn't get nicks, cuts, or flaky dry skin. –Melissa Billing

$3.99; Available at drugstores nationwide
Suave Clinical
Suave clinical Protection Deodorant
I actually was trying Secret Clinical Strength for a while and wasn’t left too happy with the end result. It was a little goopy to apply and it made my skin feel uncomfortable. I gave it up and tried Suave Clinical Strength and I really like it. It feels lighter going on, I don’t feel itchy with it and most of all, it does keep me dryer than my regular anti-perspirant. I’ll keep using it! –Lolita Verny

$5.99; Available at drugstores nationwide
Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protecting Lotion with SPF 15
At this time of year I swap my heavier lotion for something that’s lighter and has UV protection because I spend a lot of time outdoors under the warm summer sun. Since my skin is dry, I look for nourishing products that offer long-lasting intense moisture. The product’s Aloe formula is fast-absorbing and non-greasy. And it has a pleasant fresh scent. When I applied the lotion in the morning my skin felt smooth and hydrated. But by the evening I was a little flaky. I’d recommend this product for people with normal skin types who want the added sunscreen. –Lisa Thomas

$5.49; Available at drugstores nationwide
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