Hungry Girl Goes to...A College Cafeteria!

It's not always easy to make the right choices when you're under the pressure of massive amounts of schoolwork, but Hungry Girl is here with the 411 on what to bite and what to fight in the buffet line.
Hungry Girl

It's not always easy to make the right choices when you're under the pressure of massive amounts of schoolwork, but Hungry Girl is here with the 411 on what to bite and what to fight in the buffet line. And by the way, these tips aren't just for those of you in school, they'll work for any cafeteria.

A.M. Bite It!

Egg White Scrambles and More
I love to start off my day with lots of protein. Cook-to-order egg-white omelets and scrambles are the way to go. Load them up with veggies, ditch the cheese, and ask for chef to prepare them with very little oil or butter. Other great breakfast choices at the caf include fresh fruit, oatmeal (find out how it's prepared and count PointsPlus® values accordingly), high-fiber cereal and low-fat or non-fat yogurt.

A.M. Fight It!

Sweet, Cakey Breakfasts
Flour-based items like waffles, pancakes, pastries and French toast are not the best way to start your day. They may be tempting, but no one needs to eat dessert for breakfast. And that's essentially what this stuff is. Go for a protein-packed a.m. meal instead. HG Shocker: Did you know that muffins typically have twice as many calories, fat grams and way more PointsPlus values than donuts? That's mostly due to the difference in weight. (FYI, this does not mean you should be eating donuts for breakfast.)

Midday Bite It!

Lean meats rock.
Head over to the sandwich line and get creative. Sometimes the bread options are deceiving, and even wheat bread can add an additional 5 PointsPlus values to your lunch. I like to get shredded lettuce, tomatoes and pickles piled high on a plate, and top it all off with lean turkey breast slices, ham and/or roast beef. If large lettuce leaves are available, you can turn your lunch into a protein-style feast by wrapping your meat and pickles in them. Yum!

Midday Fight It!

Deli Salad Sandwiches
This one's a no-brainer. They sound innocent enough (tuna + salad), but avoid the tuna, egg and chicken salad sandwiches. They're almost always loaded with oodles of mayo, and lots of mayo = lots of extra calories, fat and PointsPlus values. Skip them!

Dinnertime Bite It!

Grilled Protein and Veggies
Grilled or baked lean protein, like chicken or fish, is always a great option. Just make sure it's not swimming in oil and/or lots of sauce. If possible, order your sauce on the side and use it sparingly-dip, don't pour. Then load up the rest of your plate with lots of steamed veggies. If they're too boring (as college caf veggies tend to be), add spices, hot sauce, mustard, etc. Think out of the box, people!

Dinnertime Fight It!

Saucy Stuff, Pastas and Fried Items
Avoid fried foods, especially ones topped with creamy sauces and paired with pasta (Oy!). Not only are they filled with hundreds of calories and dozens of fat grams; it's also hard to measure just one portion. Pasta may seem like a decent option at the cafeteria, but those calories and PointsPlus values can add up quickly if you don't watch your portion size. And, keep in mind, there's a good chance your noodles would be overcooked and soggy anyhow (you know how it goes), so you won't be missing much!

Cafeteria Extras Hot List Cafeteria Extras Not List
Broth-based soups Creamy soups
Greens and whole fruit Fatty dressings and sauces
Hard-boiled egg whites Cookies and cakes
Jell-O Full-fat ice cream
Low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt Potato chips

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