6 Tips for Losing Those Last 10 Pounds

The first 10 pounds accumulates the quickest — it's also the hardest to lose.
6 Tips for Losing Those Last 10 Pounds

"I was feeling and looking pretty great, and I was in a healthy range," says one Weight Watchers member, Jennifer. "But I had already upped the goal I was shooting for along the way (my high school weight wasn't realistic), so I really wanted to get to the number I had chosen."

Even though she wanted to reach her goal weight badly, it took Jennifer three times as long to lose those last pounds. Why are those last few pounds so tough?

Nearing the Finish Line
"Several factors come together to create the 'pain' of the last 10 pounds," says Karen Miller-Kovach, MS, RD, chief scientist for Weight Watchers International:
  • The newness of losing weight has worn off, so your motivation may start to wane.
  • You've gotten used to it, so it's difficult to maintain the same level of diet discipline.
  • Plus, there may be a physical reason your weight loss is slowing. "Your rate of weight loss is not going to be the same because you're a smaller person," says Miller-Kovach.
Tips for the Final Hurdle

It may be a fact that the last 10 pounds are a real struggle. But remember: It can be done.

"I knew that no matter how long it took, it wouldn't be time wasted," Jennifer says. "So I kept going to my Weight Watchers meetings and kept in touch with other dieters on the WeightWatchers.com message boards. I really paid attention to what the successful dieters had to say."

Take a tip from Jennifer's success and listen to those who have been there. Here's the best advice from Miller-Kovach and others on how to lose the last ten:
  • "Don't expect it to come off quickly," says one weight-loss veteran. "Stay focused and don't worry — as long as you continue to work at it, the weight will come off." Be realistic about your expectations.
  • "Drink water! Remember: six or more glasses a day.
  • "If you have not yet become physically active, do so," says Miller-Kovach. "If you've been moderate, rev it up."
  • Track everything you eat.
  • "I would keep trying on new clothes in the stores," says another member, Maria. "That always reminded me that although I may look good where I am now, I don't quite yet fit into that size I would really be comfortable at."
  • One last suggestion: "PATIENCE. Never give up."
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