Community Talks: How to Handle a Gain

When the scale registers a gain, disappointment can hit hard. Our Community Users offer their best tips on how to stay on track after a letdown.
Community Talks: How to Handle a Gain

Sometimes, the scale can surprise you. You stuck to your weight-loss plan diligently this week and you're looking forward to weighing in — but then bam! You step on the scale and it registers a gain. How could this happen after a week of making healthy food choices, meeting your daily water requirement and staying active, you wonder? And why bother doing everything right if it doesn't pay off, you might ask? Don't get discouraged; our Community Users have great advice for how to hang in there and move on.

Reframe the setback immediately
After a gain, you may be frustrated with the scale, but that's no reason to lose your motivation. Congratulate yourself for your hard work and remain positive about the coming week. Stay on plan, eat healthy foods and keep your chin up.

"You'll likely have a gain here or there, but eventually the scale will nudge downward and your hard work will pay off." — FILLESUPERBE

"Remember to pat yourself on the back because you're doing what needs to be done to improve your health and live a longer life. Be proud of that." — TERESATVDIVA

"Try taking a walk right now. Exercise makes me feel empowered." — BROCKS86

"This weight-loss journey has taught me so much, including not to quit! There's power in perseverance. Your losses will catch up with you." — SUNSET3007

"I embrace every tiny loss and ignore tiny gains and setbacks. I refuse to quit and gain back all I've lost." — HARUKACHAN

Devise a strategy for next week
If you stuck closely to the plan last week and still gained, remember that any number of factors could be the cause: starting a new exercise regimen, not measuring your portions accurately, or consuming too much sodium (which can cause water retention).

"Be varied in what you eat: get plenty of protein and carbs. Learn to eat real food now so you'll be able to do it when you reach your goal weight." — IHARTBEARS

"What helped me was lowering my salt intake, eating lots of high-fiber foods and drinking plenty of water." — YDALEBACKUS

"I keep running calculations of my average weight loss per week. Even with the gains I've had from time to time, I am losing at a pace that I consider steady and healthy. That keeps me motivated." — AMOMENT

"Find a thread with folks who seem to fit your personality, share your goals and a topic that fits your needs. [Try Newbies Welcome! board or a fitness Message Board like Fitness: Getting Started.] Virtual Weight Watchers friends have helped me figure things out more times than I can count." — DLH1960

Remember other victories
Don't just measure your success by what the scale showed today. Evaluate your overall progress and move past this bump in the road.

"I love looking at the steady decline on the Weight Tracker and Progress Charts — it's motivating to me." — SLW500

"Eating better and exercising are major steps in me becoming a healthier and happier person." — PERIDOT_84

"It's easy to give up, but think of how empowered you will feel in two weeks if you stick to the plan. Dig in your heels, drink your water and hold yourself high." — BUNNYDICKSON

"Are your clothes looser? Did you make it through an evening without mindless nighttime nibbling? Did you handle a stressful day by doing something other than pigging out afterward? Non-scale victories are the ways to measure your success and build up your confidence." — FEBRUARYGIRL

"Meetings and weigh-ins are for good days and bad. Stick with it. Slow and steady wins the race." — AUNTIEDEAREST

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