Meet Ryan Hutmacher, Our New Weight Watchers® Chef

Ryan Hutmacher

We’re thrilled to announce Ryan Hutmacher as the winner of ABC’s The Chew Search for the Weight Watchers® Chef! He comes to us with a passion for tasty, indulgent cooking with a healthy twist. We’re excited to work with Ryan this year and see what he puts on the table — we’re sure it’ll be something delicious!

What was the contest all about?

The competition kicked off on January 15th with six, talented culinary professionals vying to become the first-ever Weight Watchers chef. Each week on The Chew, the contestants had to prepare easy-to-make, nutritious recipes based on taste, presentation and practicality — in other words, they had to be able to be cooked by regular people. And boy, did they deliver! The themes included breakfast, family meal, party food, comfort food and a dinner party entree.

When did Ryan start cooking?

Ten years ago, Ryan transformed his eating habits for the better after being diagnosed with pre-Type 2 Diabetes. With his newfound appreciation for nutritious cuisine, he enrolled in culinary school and then continued his training in France. In 2005, Ryan co-founded Centered Chef, a studio in Chicago that entertains (and educates) through healthy cooking. Impressive!

What were his wow-worthy dishes?

Ryan knocked our socks off with his Comfort-licious Cornbread Pot Pie and his Layers of Love Angel Food Trifle.

Comfort-licious Cornbread pie Layers of Love Angel Food Cake
Comfort-licious Cornbread Pot Pie Layers of Love Angel Food Trifle

What’s Ryan looking forward to?

“I hope to inspire people to develop new habits around food as they work toward their weight-loss goals,” he says. “You can enjoy all of the delicious foods you love in moderation.”
Visit to find out more about Chef Ryan, plus get recipes, photos and video clips from the competition.

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