Make a Losing List

Why do you want to lose weight? The more answers you have, the stronger your motivation can be.
Make a Losing List
When you need to get stuff done, writing a to-do list can help. And when sticking to that to-do list becomes a little harder, writing a "why" list can be just the fix. That’s because the more reasons you have to do something — whether it’s reorganizing your closet or sticking with healthy behaviors — the more likely you are to follow through with the task. It's like a benign pile-on that makes resistance pretty much futile. Keep an actual list of these reasons on hand to go over whenever you feel your motivation dipping. It can be the jolt of enthusiasm you need to refocus on your goals.

Identify your "whys"
In your meeting this week, your Leader will talk about how uncovering the reasons you want to lose can help you keep going — and that the deeper the reasons, the more powerful they can be in anchoring you to your weight goal. (You’ll have a chance to jot them down in your Weekly.) For starters, there’s the "why" that brought you to Weight Watchers in the first place; maybe it was too-tight clothing or an unflattering photo or an upcoming high-school reunion. As you continue on your weight-loss journey, other, deeper reasons might pop up — maybe you want to be able to fit comfortably in an airplane seat, or you want to lower your risk of a health condition that’s related to being overweight, like heart disease or diabetes.

Accentuate the positive.
It's not just what you don't want that can power your weight loss progress. Maybe you want to reach a newfound fitness, health or career goal. Or you want to improve other aspects of your life; you'll discover that all of the benefits of weight loss, no matter how seemingly small, are all interconnected when it comes to your motivation. Think about how your weight loss can touch your relationships with friends and family; your performance at work or school; your health; even your finances. Yes, as you slim down, your wallet may get fatter!

Make a list, check it twice (at least!)
Clip your completed list out of the Weekly and keep it in a place that’s easily accessible. Pin it to a bulletin board in your office. Stick it on the fridge. Snap a photo of your list with your smartphone and make it your “wallpaper” for the week. Refer to it whenever you need a motivation boost. And add to it whenever a new reason emerges. (That can happen retroactively, too.) Let's say for example, you have a non-scale victory that you hadn't anticipated. Acknowledge it. Celebrate it. And definitely get it on your list! It's often these special gems that turn out to be our most powerful motivators.

How do your reasons help you lose? Share your thoughts in the Comments below. And read on for more mindful motivators:

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