The Stir-Fry Guru Takes on Broccoli, Bell Peppers and More

When Grace Young wields her wok, great food happens. It also happens to be healthy, quick and easy. Let’s get cooking.
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In each installment of this series, Chinese cooking authority Grace Young shares three stir-fry recipes that use flavors and ingredients from around the world – from Asian to Cajun – and have 6 PointsPlus® values, or less, per serving.

During the summer and fall, farmer's markets are abundant with fresh, locally grown produce. So I've chosen three of my favorite recipes to showcase these amazing vegetables. Chili Beef and Broccoli is super easy to make, and Chicken Provencal and Cajun Shrimp and Pepper make the most of cherry tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, asparagus and more great vegetables. They also demonstrate the versatility of wok cooking – not every stir-fry has to have ginger and soy sauce! I look forward to wokking with you in the months to come. Let's get those woks sizzling!

Just in: Watch Grace make these recipes at home.

About Grace Young
The award-winning author of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, The Breath of a Wok and The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen is an expert at demystifying the art of stir-frying and celebrating the traditions of wok cookery. In addition to her Chinese cooking videos for, including guides on how to season a wok and choose essential ingredients, Young's work has appeared in publications including Bon Appetit, Eating Well and Saveur. To learn more, visit

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