Cuisine of the Day: The Diner

From turkey sandwiches to egg-white omelets, your average diner menu contains tons of on Plan options.
Cuisine of the Day The Diner

You can order almost anything you want at a diner, any time of day. To keep the menu under control, keep some basics in mind: low fat, high fiber.

Grilled, broiled, baked or sautéed chicken and fish, turkey sandwiches on wheat minus the mayo, vegetable omelets, salads with just a touch of dressing — all receive a PointsPlus™ value stamp of approval. And don't be afraid to rework the menu. Most diners have extensive ingredients on hand, and they'll be happy to give you a salad instead of fries or substitute egg whites for whole eggs. Try cantaloupe or a fruit cup for a sweet finish.

Wise Choices PointsPlus value
1/4 cantaloupe 0
Greek salad, without dressing, 3 cups 3
Fruit cup, 1 small 1
Egg white vegetable omelet 6
Chicken noodle soup 3
Pancake, 1, 4-inch 3
Baked grouper or haddock, 6 oz 4
Chef's salad, without dressing, 4 cups 6
Turkey sandwich on rye, no mayonnaise 7
Not-So-Wise Choices PointsPlus value
Tuna salad, 1/2 cup 8
Cheese omelet, made with 2 eggs 8
Rice pudding, 1 cup 10
Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich 18
Grilled cheese sandwich, 1 average 14
Hamburger on bun and French fries 19
Ham and cheese sandwich, grilled 15

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