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How much do you know about Weight Watchers Power Foods?
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Broccoli florets lifting weights? An egg sporting a cape? Weight Watchers Power Foods are nutrition heroes: helpful for weight loss because they keep you fuller longer, have lower PointsPlus® values, and offer more health benefits compared to similar foods. They’re also lower in sugar and salt compared to foods in the same category. For example, reduced-sodium soup can be a Weight Watchers Power Food, but regular canned soup is not.

Powerful produce

If this isn’t your first time at a meeting, you already know that all fresh fruits and most veggies are Power Foods — and 0 PointsPlus values. Still, if you're like many people, you may find it hard to fit five servings of fruits and vegetables into your menu each day. It's an important part of the Plan, so do what you can to make the change. Feel like a snack? Fruits and veggies are the perfect choice because they offer the following perks:

  • They're rich sources of disease-fighting antioxidants
  • They reduce the risk of heart disease
  • They provide folic acid, vitamins and minerals
  • They increase energy, fight infection, improve regularity, keep skin healthy, promote normal blood clotting and build bones

Test your Power Food IQ
How much do you know about the variety of Weight Watchers Power Foods? See how you do with these five questions. Then use our tips to help you get more Power Foods into your daily menu.

1. How many Weight Watchers Power Foods are there?
2. Which is a Power Food: ground beef or ground chicken?
3. Is salmon a Power Food?
4. True or false: Luncheon meats don’t make the grade as Power Foods
5. How can you identify Power Foods on

1. More than 200. Here’s the list. Print it out and keep it in your wallet. It’s also included in our Mobile app so download it now and save a tree!
2. Both — if you choose wisely. Ground beef that’s 93% or 95% lean makes the cut. But regular ground chicken doesn't — because often what’s ground up includes dark meat and even fatty skin; the same applies to regular ground turkey. So opt for ground chicken breast or ground turkey breast that’s labeled 99% fat-free.
3. True — and false! Wild cooked Atlantic, Coho salmon and some canned varieties make the cut, but farmed cooked Atlantic salmon, which tends to be fattier, doesn’t.
4. False! Got a hankering for a hero? There’s no need to dodge the deli! Just ask for thinly sliced, lean, skinless turkey or chicken breast, ham, or any fat-free luncheon meat. Skip highly processed meats like bologna and salami. Choose a light roll and pile on lettuce, onions, peppers and tomato — all of which are Power Foods! But pass on the mayo because mustard is your friend.
5. All Power Foods on our website feature a green triangle icon.

Delicious ways to get more nutritious and satisfying Power Foods on your plate.

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