Snack Match-Ups: Powerful Pairings

Nosh on our favorite new snack products along with a filling fruit or veggie for a satisfying snack any time of day.
Snack Pairing Roundup

When you find yourself on the brink of a munchie meltdown, resist the trip to the vending machine by having these healthier snacks on hand. Paired with a fruit or vegetable, they’ll keep you full and power you through to your next meal. The best part? They all have a PointsPlus value less than 4. It’s a snack match made in heaven.

Brownie Brittle
Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle
We love these light, chocolatey brownie wafers. Available in chocolate chip, toffee crunch, and traditional walnut varieties, this deep cocoa brittle is the health-conscious chocoholic’s dream come true. The crispy edges are reminiscent of a toasty brownie, but with only 3 PointsPlus values for six generous pieces.
Pair it with: Fresh cherries. Chocolate-covered cherries might be delicious, but they’re not the most Plan-friendly snack. This flavor combo satisfies the craving.
Two packages for $9.95. Available at
Alouette Spreadable Portions
With two grams of protein, these individual cheese squares are a tasty—and filling—savory snack. We love the new Italian herb flavor: creamy, fresh, and bold.
Pair it with: Cherry tomatoes. Halve and hollow out a few tomatoes then fill each with a dab of cheese for a 1 PointsPlus value snack.
Eight portions for $3.99. Available in grocery stores nationwide.
WW Divine Triple Chocolate Bars
Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Fudge Bars
Get your ice cream fix without sabotaging your daily PointsPlus Allowance. The low-fat chocolate ice cream bar is swirled with fudge then coated in a milk chocolate shell—it’s a great snack to power you through your afternoon slump.
Pair it with: Strawberries. If you usually slice them into your morning cereal, try them alternatively as an afternoon treat.
Six bars for $5.49. Available at grocery stores nationwide.
Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spreads
At just 1 PointsPlus value per serving and 1/3 less fat than regular cream cheese, the Laughing Cow’s new Smooth Sensations are a snacker’s delight. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the strawberries and cream flavor. The garden vegetable is a tasty choice if you’re feeling like something more savory.
Pair it with: Celery. Spread a wedge over a few sticks for a crunchy, guilt-free snack.
Eight wedges for $3.69. Available at grocery stores nationwide.
Krave Jerky
Krave Jerky
This ain’t no Slim Jim. Chewier than other jerkies, Krave packs a protein punch (8 grams!), and comes in unique flavors like garlic chili powder, pineapple orange, and sweet chipotle.
Pair it with: Baby carrots. Paired with the jerky, just a handful of these fiber-packed little guys will keep your hunger at bay for only 2 PointsPlus values. The slight sweetness is a great match for jerky’s smoky flavor.
$7.00 per bag. Available at select specialty stores nationwide.
Weight Watchers Iced Lemon Cookies
These tiny, tart cookies satisfy with a zesty crunch. At just 3 PointsPlus values for a serving of 11 cookies, your sweets craving will remain in check.
Pair it with: Raspberries—a perfect citrus partner.
$3.95 per box. Available in Weight Watchers Centers and for Online subscribers in our Online Marketplace.
Mann’s Sunny Shores Snacks on the Go Triplets
No need to find a pairing when your veggies and ranch dip are in one spot. These convenient packs are sold in packages of three, so you won’t need to re-stock your work fridge until Thursday. Available in sugar snap pea, baby carrot, and celery stick varieties, this 1 PointsPlus value snack is a perfect light bite.
$2.99 for three postions. Available at grocery stores nationwide.
Seaweed Snacks
Annie Chun’s Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Seaweed Snacks
We were blown away by these tasty seaweed snacks. Skillfully seasoned with sea salt and brown sugar, these light, paper-thin, crispy sheets satisfied our afternoon cravings. At just 1 PointsPlus value per serving, you won’t think twice about finishing off a bag.
Pair it with: Fresh cucumber rounds. It makes for a nutrient-rich snack with a refreshing crunch.
$1.69 per package. Available at and in grocery stores nationwide.
Lentil Chips
Mediterranean Snacks Baked Lentil Chips
Made from lentils, garbanzo, and adzuki beans, these baked chips are considerably more filling than the greasy alternative. They’re available in a handful of flavors including sea salt and roasted pepper, but we’re partial to the cracked pepper variety, which have a spicy kick. With 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, this 3 PointsPlus value snack will carry you through to dinnertime.
Pair it with: Red bell pepper. Chop up a pepper and top your chips for a mini bruschetta-like snack.
$2.99 per bag. Available at grocery stores nationwide.
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