Cuisine of the Day: Mexican

Flavorful Mexican food can delight the palate with fewer PointsPlus™ values than you might think.
Cuisine of the Day Mexican

Greasy, cheesy foods from south of the border might sound off limits, but salsa, fajitas, steamed tortillas and pico de gallo (made from tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and peppers) are delicious choices. Grilled chicken or fish are also great options.

Just remember to choose wisely from the condiments, perhaps opting for salsa and a dollop of guacamole instead of sour cream and grated cheese.

And decide beforehand if you'd like to have chips or a frozen margarita, so you can save up PointsPlus values earlier in the week.

Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Pico de gallo, 1/2 cup 0
Black bean soup, 1 cup 2
Guacamole, 1/4 cup 2
Sangria, 4 fl oz 3
Gazpacho, 1 cup 4
Pork taco 5
Quesadilla, chicken 7
Bean burrito, 1 small 7
Chicken fajitas, 2 10
Not-So-Wise Choices PointsPlus Value
Tortilla chips, 12 pieces 4
Margarita, 1 item 9
Beef chimichanga (fried burrito) 12
Chicken nachos, 4 13
Fried ice cream, 1/2 cup 12
Chorizo (sausage), 1 link 12
Taco salad with shell, no dressing 18
Chile rellenos (cheese stuffed fried peppers) without sauce, 2 19

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