Improve Your Grill Skills

Improve your grill skills with our guide to the must-have BBQ gadgets. Plus, try our favorite recipes.
It's as much a part of warm weather as bathing suits and baseball. Whether it's the start of summer or the dog days, it's always the right time to fire up the grill. And we don't just mean hot dogs and hamburgers, either. We compiled a list of must-have barbecue gadgets and accessories that will easily help you expand your grilling repertoire.

Get the grilling goods

1. Grill wok
Nonstick grill woks have small holes that allow smoke in, but don't let food out. They're great for barbecued fajitas and grilled vegetables. And the holes also allow some of the fat to drain out, making it a great way to cook light.

2. Kebab basket
Simply lay your vegetable- or meat-filled skewers in this metal frame, and they'll cook evenly above the flame. They won't stick to the grates, and when you're ready to flip your kebabs, just roll a gloved hand (see fire-retardant mitt, below) over the top of the skewer rods.

3. Fish basket
It's a sad fact: unless you use a lot of fat, delicate fish can stick to the grill. This gadget saves you from that heartbreak. And a tip for vegetable lovers: You can also buy a similar basket for grilled mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and onions.

4. Fire-retardant mitt
Regular oven mitts won't protect you when you're reaching over an open flame. Buy a fire-retardant one for the grill, and make sure it comes up to your elbow.

5. Large spatula
Burgers won't slip through the grates if you use a long-handled, broad spatula. And while you're in the utensil department, get a pair of long tongs with a good grip.

6. Meat thermometer
If you love your burgers cooked medium-rare, there's nothing worse than biting into a well-done hockey puck. Make sure food is cooked perfectly by keeping a reliable meat thermometer handy.