The Four Pillars: Exercise

Weight Watchers provides a systematic approach to exercise throughout the weight-loss process.
The Four Pillars Exercise

The Weight Watchers approach starts by focusing on the food plan and also incorporates the specifics of activity once people have had a chance to get comfortable with their eating plan.

Keeping track of activity
In a way that complements the PointPlus™ values of food, a formula that calculates the PointsPlus values for activity is used. The formula is based on body weight, the amount of time the activity is done, and the level of intensity. This method enables a person to do any exercise or activity that is enjoyable and fits within his or her lifestyle. It provides a flexible approach to activity that is accurate in its estimation of the calories burned because it is based on the individual.

The right amount of exercise
The recommended amounts of activity vary based on the desired goal of doing the exercise. Getting the health benefits of exercise takes less time and effort than the amount recommended for weight loss. The amount of activity associated with maintaining a weight goal is even more. For this reason, Weight Watchers adjusts the recommended PointsPlus goal for activity as weight loss proceeds, beginning with the amount needed to gain health benefits and progressing so that the recommended amount of activity for sustained weight loss is met at the time that the ultimate weight goal is achieved. One added feature of the Points Plus Weight-Loss System is that Points Plus values earned in activity can be swapped for additional food on a one-to-one basis.