Focus on Willpower

If there's ever been a goal that you really wanted to achieve, like earning a college degree or landing a hard-to-get job, you probably know that determination and effort are key factors in accomplishing your objectives.
Focus on Willpower

But what if you'd never bothered to enroll in school because you didn't think you were smart enough, or figured that the job market was too competitive, so you wouldn't even waste the time to send your résumé?

Without assertiveness and willpower, the goals that you are striving for become much less attainable. The same holds true in weight loss. Thinking that losing weight is too difficult for you to attempt is certainly not going to help you lose the weight you want to lose. And since you really do want to lose weight, why not take the same determination and assertiveness that you used to achieve your past accomplishments, and apply them to this new goal of weight loss?

Goodbye won't-power, hello willpower
You may already be familiar with Empowering Beliefs, an effective resource from Weight Watchers Tools for Living, which can help you recognize and use your willpower and other inner strengths. Wanting to lose weight alone will not guarantee that it will happen. But pairing this desire with the belief that you are capable of losing weight can make all the difference in your weight-loss efforts.

So stop telling yourself that you won't be able to lose weight because you're too heavy, the overweight gene runs in your family, it's too hard because of your children or spouse – these excuses are just that, excuses, and they're getting in the way of your inner strength. Instead, tell yourself that you have every resource that you need to achieve your weight-loss goals, then use those resources to your advantage. Tell yourself that you will lose weight, and watch what a little positive thinking can accomplish.

Use your natural resources
Believing in yourself can be much easier when you know what you have to offer yourself in order to achieve your goals. For example:

  1. Calling on the inner resources that have helped you in the past may give you the confidence to really give weight loss a go. When faced with a challenge, people often look to their own patience, sense of humor, commitment, focus, or desire. What are your best inner qualities? Can they help you through your weight-loss journey?

  2. Are there resources on that can help keep you motivated and enthusiastic? Maybe trying a new recipe from the Recipe Search or watching your progress in the Weight Tracker?
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