The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

These mouthwatering recipes, simple tips, and stress-busting tactics will keep a smile on your face until the last of the china is put away.
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Thanksgiving, more than any other American holiday, revolves around food. Yes, family, tradition, and a general feeling of thankfulness is right up there on the list of what makes this day special, but be honest: what's going through your mind right this minute – what kind of pie to bake, or your ticker of things you're thankful for?

We want you to have a warm, happy, relaxed Thanksgiving – without freezing at the idea of what Plan-friendly dishes to make, or how on earth you are going to fend off well-meaning relatives who insist you have seconds of whatever butter-laden dish they are peddling. Below you'll find entire menus, a la carte recipes, cooking tips and even ideas on what to feed the crew in the days before and after the big meal. Now that the food's taken care of, you can think about all the other things you are thankful for this time of year.

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