Hungry Girl Goes to... A Holiday Cocktail Party

Hungry Girl offers savvy food strategies for holiday get-togethers.
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Holiday parties are not easy when you're watching what you eat. But they're a part of life. So, the best thing you can do is prepare for them and arm yourself with all the relevant information you need to survive them. HG serves up some tips 'n' tricks.

What's the rush? Don't start chewing until you've been at the party for at least 30 to 45 minutes. By then, you'll be so involved with the festivities you'll be less likely to go food-crazy.

Don't get caught empty handed.
Keep a diet soda, glass of water — and maybe a cute purse — in your hands at all times. You'll be less likely to overeat if you keep your hands full.

Be generous. Did someone give you a box of chocolates or a basket of goodies for the holidays? Take them to a party so you can share the deliciousness — and the calories.

Fork it over. Instead of grabbing something each time the tray passes you by, fill a small plate once and use a fork. It's easier to control your intake when you can see how much you're actually eating.

Cocktail party super sippers: Diet soda, water, wine, vodka shot with club soda/diet soda.

My Holiday HOT List My Holiday NOT List
Roasted chestnuts Eggnog
Gingersnap cookies Hot-buttered rum
Shrimp cocktail Mini egg rolls
Candy canes Mini quiches
Grilled chicken or beef skewers (no sauce) Pigs in a blanket

Happy partying!

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