Lenny Clarke Looking Leaner!

Lenny Clarke Looking Leaner
The comedian and actor you know from TV’s Rescue Me and The John Laroquette Show has recently taken on one of the most important roles of his life: A fitter and healthier Lenny Clarke, both on and off the screen.

The brash, occasionally controversial joke man became fed up with being overweight before he decided to make a change:

“I didn’t want to be fat. You know, it got away from me,” Lenny says. “I would have done anything to lose weight. I didn’t think it was possible.” Looking at Lenny today, it’s clear he couldn’t be cast as a character called “Fat Eddie,” as he was in the movie Southie.

Life is different for Lenny now that he’s lost weight with Weight Watchers, and while he’s beaming with this newest success under his (much shorter) belt, he’s sharing his story with all men who want to lose weight. You’ve probably seen him touting Weight Watchers in our new television commercials; now you can watch him crack wise about weight loss that works in videos below.

lenny clarke
Lenny Clarke on getting older
“You see a lot of old guys. You see a lot of fat guys. But you don’t see a lot of old fat guys.”
lenny clarke
Lenny Clarke on changing
“Weight Watchers didn’t change my life. It saved my life.”

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