Dessert Cheat Sheet

For some, dessert is the best part of a meal. But it doesn't have to throw you off track. Check out our interactive cheat sheet to find the best choices to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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You’ve probably noticed that dessert portions can be huge — usually much more than you’d serve yourself at home, and likely way more than you need to feel satisfied. In fact, you might be surprised to find that dessert may pack in more PointsPlus® values than your entrée. These tips will help you find the most delicious bang for your PointsPlus buck.

Get a smarter sugar fix
  • Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to want dessert, skip the appetizer or box up half of your entrée before you dig in.
  • Wait half an hour. Eating dessert at home is easier on your budget and your body. Chances are you’ll have healthier options there and more control over portion size — plus, on the drive home, your sugar craving might pass.
  • Split it. Sharing a dessert with your dinner companion is a surefire way to cut down on calories.
  • Have a sweet after-dinner drink or coffee instead. A cappuccino with sweetener and cinnamon just might do the trick.
  • Wrap it up. Cut that slice of cheesecake in half and take home the rest in a doggie bag. You can enjoy it again later in the week.
  • Stick to one flavor. Many restaurants offer a dessert sampler or let you choose two to three flavors in one bowl of ice cream. Just choose one. Most people eat more when faced with a delicious variety.
  • Skip à la mode. A half-cup of ice cream can add up to 8 PointsPlus values to your dessert. If you must have ice cream, make it the main event and not a topping.
  • Hold the whip. You don’t need to eat every last whipped-cream peak — every bite counts. As for that chocolate-dipped coconut cookie sticking artfully out of your mousse, eating it will add additional PointsPlus values to your plate. Wrap it up and save it for tomorrow, or offer it to others at the table.
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